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fast furious car

    Definitely the sound of crunched metal and shattered glass gets some major adrenalin pumping, but how far can revving engines alone take you to? To the noise-dom would be a one-word answer to the question and a few hot chicks in tight miniskirts are not going to make it any better. But the Fast and Furious remake definitely ends with more noise i.e. a real big BANG! So that makes the movie a pretty noisy one.

    The 2001 hit was been told to make a comeback with the same cast, but not in the same universe. Perhaps that is why grammar catapults, logic takes a vacation, a cohesive plot structure follows and the laws of gravity are defied. But there's no denying the point that the fourth one in street-racing series tosses out the niceties through window and trampled over and over again.

    Part three alike, it is once again Justin Lin who shows up as the director and there is no dearth for similar stunts this time as well; neither is there any shortage of cheesy dialogue. The wheel was invented a long time back and the director doesn't understand it can't take any other shape but its existing one. However, there are ample attempts to smooth that out; from snarling bad guys and wry-faced women to bold and bright cars, there have been thrown in a lot of ingredients; what the director forgot is putting some salt in the broth. Fast and Furious IV can never be accused of bearing creativity and grace. Where the movie scores by dozen is in matters of being repetitive with the scenes.

    Vin Diesel's gravelly and low-key yet beefy action-hero image stays intact and so does his sensitive side, though that doesn't help this movie in the automotive minutiae get any better. If you enjoy a movie for its visual pleasures, you may get some of your money back; else, this series of intense sequences is going to bore you for 107 long minutes.

    Fast & Furious is the fourth installment of The Fast and The Furious series. It also brings back the casts from the original movie reuniting them for the first time since 2001 when the first movie was released. It is glaringly obvious that without Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto and Paul Walker as Brian O'Conner then the sequels are just not as good as the original.

    Fast & Furious takes place somewhere between the 2nd (2 Fast 2 Furious) and the 3rd (Tokyo Drift) movies. In this movie, Dom and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) are together in the Dominican Republic running heists on transport trucks. But the police are getting too close and Dom has to break up his new gang. Han from Tokyo Drift is part of this gang and will be heading to Japan as he and Dom part ways. Meanwhile, Dom also leaves Letty so that she may start a new life without him and the baggage that he brings.

    Time passes by and Dom, living somewhere in South America, receives a telephone call from his sister, Mia (Jordana Brewster), letting him know that Letty was murdered. Letty's death forces Dom back to the United States, still as a wanted fugitive. Because of his love for Letty, Dom vows revenge. His quest to discover the perpetrator leads him to, what else, a street race where the racers vie for a job as a driver for a known big-time drug dealer.

    At the same time, his former racing mate and a recently reinstated FBI agent, Brian O'Conner, is investigating the same drug dealer with plans of his own to bring him to justice. O'Conner also enters the race.

    And those are enough excuse to put these guys behind fast cars and begin entertaining the audience with racing action at breakneck speed. Director Justin Lin is excellent with car chases in urban streets (the best parts of Tokyo Drift). The one drawback in this movie is that there aren't enough car race scenes, but the story doesn't call for it. Nevertheless, action movies like these are enjoyed by viewers. It has a lot of action scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat and blow you away, making the impossible look possible.

    The storyline is no doubt flimsy but it is enough to keep going. You don't buy tickets to a movie like Fast & Furious and expect dramatic story telling. You want action!

    Now, the trailers lead us to believe that the whole gang is together again. But really, only Dom and O'Conner have the significant roles. And that's enough to rake in $72.5 million in the first weekend. The movie is built around fast cars, but no doubt that Vin Diesel as Dom is the main attraction. This is obvious when everyone got excited as he made a cameo in Tokyo Drift.

    All in all, Fast & Furious is recommended. It's a highly entertaining movie. It is best to just head out, don't think about it, sit down, and enjoy a movie that will blow your mind.

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fast furious car

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